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F. Intravaia, V. E. Mkrtchian, S. Buhmann, S. Scheel, D. A. R. Dalvit, and C. Henkel
Friction forces on atoms after acceleration
J. Phys. Condens. Matt. 27 (2015) 214020


    The aim of this paper is to revisit the calculation of atom-surface quantum friction in the quantum field theory formulation put forward by Barton [New J. Phys. 12 (2010) 113045]. We show that the power dissipated into field excitations and the associated friction force depend on how the atom is boosted from being initially at rest to a configuration in which it is moving at constant velocity (v) parallel to the planar interface. In addition, we point out that there is a subtle cancellation between the one-photon and part of the two-photon dissipating power, resulting in a leading order contribution to the frictional power which goes as v4. These results are also confirmed by an alternative calculation of the average radiation force, which scales as v3.

[ 1502.01117 ]

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