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Y. Margalit, O. Dobkowski, Z. Zhou, O. Amit, Y. Japha, S. Moukouri, D. Rohrlich, A. Mazumdar, S. Bose, C. Henkel, and R. Folman
Realization of a complete Stern-Gerlach interferometer: Towards a test of quantum gravity
Science Adv. 7 (2021) eabg2879


    The Stern-Gerlach effect, discovered a century ago, has become a paradigm of quantum mechanics. Surprisingly, until recently, there has been little evidence that the original scheme with freely propagating atoms exposed to gradients from macroscopic magnets is a fully coherent quantum process. Indeed, several theoretical studies have explained why a Stern-Gerlach interferometer is a formidable challenge. Here we provide a detailed account of the realization of a full-loop Stern-Gerlach interferometer for single atoms, and use the acquired understanding to show how this novel setup may be used to realize an interferometer for macroscopic objects doped with a single spin. Such a realization would open the door to a new era of fundamental probes, including the realization of new tests at the interface of quantum mechanics and gravity.

[ 2011.10928 ] [ DOI ]

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